About us

Personalizing Pilates So You Can Be The Strongest, Most Confident Version Of  You!

Mojy's Express Pilates is a premier Reformer Pilates studio providing private and small group classes serving clients in Reston, VA and the greater DC area. The studio is nestled in the heart of Reston, VA in the home studio of Mojy Afsharnia. The studio looks out over a breathtaking view of the English garden making you feel like you are of on a relaxing retreat.

Mojy's personal love of Pilates started through her quest for optimal health and a cure to her back injury at the age of 21. Every professional consulted, including back specialists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists, examined the MRI and promptly recommended surgery as the most effective solution. Mojy searched for 11 years to find alternative approaches to heal her back & avoid surgery. Nothing was working, until Mojy found Pilates.

Pilates, previously known as Contrology, “develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong posture, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.” Through the Pilates discipline, Mojy found the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit. Understanding and following the guiding principles of the Pilates Method: Breath; Centering; Concentration; Control; Flow and Precision, Mojy knew she had found the cure to her back and had to share this with anyone looking for optimal health.

With this, Mojy's Express Pilates was born. A program focused on optimal health, to provide a safe and effective workout, personalized to the individual’s needs, and creating the strongest version of each individual. Express Pilates are supercharged classes combining pilates techniques with cardio and weight resistance training all in one 45-minute, intense, 400-600 calorie-burning session! Each individual will experience enhanced muscle performance and boost metabolic & cardiovascular response targeting maximum core strengthening and burning calories for up to 48 hours afterward.


Mojy Afsharnia, CEO & President 

My love of Pilates started through a quest for optimal health and a cure to my back injury at the age of 21.

Today, my mission is to empower everyone to have a love affair with their body, no matter what their age is or what their current fitness level is.

I am passionate about giving personal guidance and training students to become their very best self, to be the strongest, most confident version of themselves.

Express Pilates is designed to be fun, approachable, and effective. I bring my “eagle-eye” to be sure every student has the best workout possible – never losing sight of optimal posture and muscle engagement.


Barbara Rabil, Express Pilates Trainer

I started doing Pilates in my mid-forties. I focused on reformer Pilates which involves using a carriage apparatus with springs. You perform core and lengthening movements with resistance and your body weight. I loved it! When I entered my fifties, I noticed weight gain through my mid-section and an overall loss of muscle mass and strength. I knew I needed to “rev it up”. This led me to Express Pilates. Wow! What a life changer. This was Pilates on steroids. The theory is you use Pilates moves to the max with low impact interval workouts. My overall fitness results were amazing. I believed in this workout so much I became an instructor.

What I have discovered over my 7 years of teaching is the 45-minute sessions are intense but very accessible for all fitness levels. After about 3 weeks of 2 classes per week, my clients are stronger, have better posture, and are able to do things with their bodies they did not think possible.