Calorie Burn with Express Pilates

Pilates will change the fat–muscle body composition, adding more tone and muscle. This changes the response pattern of your body, transforming you into a fat-burning organism even when you are at rest in essence working round the clock to burn fat throughout the day. This said exercise is only 30% of weight loss! 70% is a healthy diet. We help you achieve that through Isagenix products.

Express Pilates is all the workout you need

The beauty of Express Pilates is that it integrates everything you need in a single session. This includes targeting muscles while toning upper and lower body. Levels of Cardio you may experience depends on your fitness level.

Pilates with lower back and knee injuries

At Express Pilates we help you with back pain and knee pain. We are here to support your healing process

We teach you about the weaknesses and strengths of your individual body, and how to best work your body to help enhance your health and your fitness. We are here to educate you on where the pain is coming from, and what the cause of the problem so we can work together to address it and start your healing.

Sessions per week to see results

Work out diligently at least twice a week, and within one month at Express Pilates you will see visible improvements in muscle tone and definition, as well as steady and measured progress towards your personal weight loss and well-being goals.

Golf Fitness

Tiger Woods and many other golf professionals are using Pilates to help them avoid sport-related injuries.

Playing golf requires strong glutes, hamstrings, core muscles, and an understanding of the mind/body relationship.

Our golf workouts are INTEGRATED into all the group classes, so clients are working out every part of their bodies.

We have been trained by TPI Titleist Performance Institute in physical strength training for golfers.

What to bring

Just bring YOU and a mindset ready to transform your physical well-being.

Express Pilates provides Infused Mineral H20, 4 Allegro Reformers, Magic Circles, Weights, Balls, A Foam Roller, Wrist Protectors (push-up stands), and Poles.